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Are we really non-physical?



    Are we really non-physical?

Look no further than the DNA Phantom Effect: In 1995, Dr. Vladimir Poponin and Dr. Peter Gariaev discovered the DNA Phantom Effect which is a measurable demonstration of our energetic nature. When a DNA molecule was put into a hermetically sealed container and had light directed at it by a laser, what began to happen contradicts everything modern science assumes to be truth. The DNA actually started pulling in photons of light like a vacuum and storing them within the structure of the DNA spiral.

What was most remarkable is when the DNA molecule was removed from the experiment, the light continued to be pulled in and stored in the shape of a double-helix without there even being DNA in the tube. It’s as if the DNA left an energetic duplicate left behind after it was removed. This holographic DNA phantom continued to pull in photons of light and retain its structure for an astonishing amount of time: up to 30 days.

Even when they tried to disrupt the structure of the light with a blast of liquid nitrogen, the DNA phantom would only break apart for a short period of time, but after roughly 8 minutes it would regain its structure and continue to store light.

As you sit here reading this, your DNA is doing the same thing, and if you were to leave your current position you could measure the energetic phantom left behind. What does this tell us about the nature of DNA? Is it possible that we have an energetic duplicate that couples with the cells in our physical body and interfaces with every strand of DNA? What energetic force is responsible for holding these photons of light in place?

Dr. Peter Gariaev, Ph.D. is speaking about his discoveries in wave genetics at a weekend-long expo in Detroit this coming October. The Awake And Empowered Expo has other speakers including Dr. Gennady Shipnov, Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot, and a variety of other renowned conscious speakers and academics. Topics include diet and nutrition, vibrational sound healing, astrology, channeling, future/et technology, torsion physics, teleportation and telekinesis, meditation, lost civilizations, and more.

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